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Whose Life is it Anyway? has been cast!

Congratulations to all who have been cast in our next production.

Whose Life is is Anyway? by Brian Clark, is to be performed at the Lagoa Auditorium on November 22 to 24 inclusive.

The cast will start rehearsing in September however, they already have their scripts and have started learning lines. Well, maybe not quite yet but we are sure they will be doing so over July and August.

Director Chris Winstanley has Gloria Costa to support him as assistant director and he is now pulling together his crew and filling other supporting roles.

So, with no further ado to follow the cast for Whose Life is it Anyway?

  • Claire Harrison                                Deborah Kloegman
  • Sister Anderson                              Melanie Winstanley
  • Kay Sadler                                        Maxine Costa
  • John                                                     Rui Louzeiro
  • Dr David Scott                                 Jim Landis
  • Dr Michael Emerson                      Jon Marshall
  • Margaret Boyle                               Anita Cheney
  • Helen Hill                                         Lara Costa
  • Mrs Justice Millhouse                   Madeleine Wheare
  • Judge’s Clerk (non speaking)     TBC