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The Algarveans April Update

To All Members and Friends of The Algarveans,

I hope you are all well and staying healthy.

Further to my April update, I thought it would be timely to bring you up to speed with developments within the group.

Steve Dackombe and I were not intending to stand for re-election at the postponed 2020 AGM but have continued in post.
The committee held a virtual meeting this week and I would like to advise that both Steve and I offered our resignations.
We believe this is the right thing to do as the proposed new committee have a lot of plans they want to get started on leading the group to the next stage of its development.

In accordance with the current constitution if officers resign during their term in office the remaining committee members can appoint new officers from within the committee and co-opt people to join them on the committee until such time that an AGM can be held.

As the new officers and new members of the committee were standing unopposed Steve and I will resign with immediate effect and the following personnel changes will come into force:

Angela Theobold will become Chair

Jim Landis will become Treasurer

Lynda Marshall will remain Secretary

Maxine and Gloria Costa will remain as committee members

Karen Morris-Marks will be co-opted to the committee

Kathy Diz will be co-opted to the committee

These above changes are what would have happened if the AGM had gone ahead on 29th March. (unless someone had been nominated from the floor)

It is the intention of this new committee to reconvene the AGM, postponed from the 29th March, as soon as possible to ratify the decisions above. I will attend the AGM and will deliver the Chairman´s report for 2019 and have the opportunity to formally handover to the new committee and offer my thanks to all who have supported me during my three years chairing The Algarveans.

I fully support the decisions above and feel it will enable the group to continue with its development plans for the future and I would like to take the opportunity to pass my best wishes on to the new committee.

Stay Safe and I look forward to seeing you all again soon.

Chris Winstanley
The Algarveans Experimental Theatre Group
Mob: +351 919198840