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Algarveans back with Duets by Peter Quilter - Performance review

Duets – liaison, love and laughter

Review by Kris Tique

This is not the first Peter Quilter play performed by The Algarveans. Glorious was the first and this theatregoer hopes that Duets won’t be the last.

Duets is actually four one-act plays, each with a cast of one male and one female. It is an “examination of the chaotic world of love, relationships and why the grass is never(sic) greener”. 

This production of the play was interesting and the placing of the plays in the order they were was a definite plus; it developed a crescendo of laughter. The set was well managed by the backstage crew and costumes were contemporary. One criticism is the placing of a door mid-stage thus making it harder for actors to deliver lines to the audience. 

So, did The Algarveans deliver in what was their first play after the forced hiatus? The more intimate surroundings of the location helped and comedy is always icebreaker.

Frank Remiatte’s timing was impeccable in Secretarial Skills, the first play of the evening, and Clare Collins-Doyle (new to The Algarveans) relaxed after a stretch and ended on a higher note. 

Val Lefrere, also on stage for the first time with The Algarveans, and David Guildford were second up in The Blind Date. Meeting for the first time these two were believable in their characters and the audience were with them all the way.

After the interval, The Holiday examined a soon-to-be divorced couple spending a holiday in Spain together, with plenty of cocktails. Joana Jacob and Alexander Melo were obviously enjoying their stage debut with the company and delivered their lines with aplomb.

The final play of the evening was The Bride to Be, with Alan Smith and Lara Costa. It had the audience laughing with gusto and even Alan lost it briefly — which encouraged the audience even more.

So, all in all an entertaining evening perhaps spoilt for some by some members of the audience texting between themselves. 

However, a thumbs up – The Algarveans are back.