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Algarveans Dance & Drama Workshops

Let´s Dance! 

Algarveans Dance Workshop:  ALL Skill levels welcome! Learn  the basics from: how to make  that great entrance to bringing  it ALL together! Join the  dancing duo Karen Barroso  and Shelley Danca on Tuesday  November 9th at 7PM 

“All The World´s A Stage!” 

Ever wonder where  

“up stage” was? Or how to  talk to someone on stage and  make it look natural? Or what  it means to block a show?  No matter your experience  level, come and join Angela  Theobold and Frank Remiatte  November 11th at 7PM for  the Algarveans Acting  


The Little Theatre”- União Juventude  

Sesmarias, R. do Cabeço de Pias,  Carvoeiro  

Dance Workshop November 9th 7PM 

Acting Workshop November 11th  7PM 

Donation: One bag of dry goods to be  donated to Castelo de Sonhos or €5  at the door. Reserve your spot by  emailing  by November 7th.