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Help start the school year with some essentials

ACCA is a local charity that helps children in need. Year on year ACCA increases its back-to-school programme in an attempt to help as many children as possible. In 2017 the charity gave out 850 back packs, filled with those all-important essentials and this year it hopes to top that figure.

The Portuguese government does provide text books for the those who cannot afford them however, it does not supply children with the simple, everyday materials that are vital to support the learning process.

The Algarveans are pleased to be supporting this year’s drive by donating seven back packs.

Should you wish to know more visit the Back to School 2018 Facebook page or contact Lynda at 936 463 177. You can buy a back pack and fill it, donate €35  (which will buy a back pack and the essentials to fill it) or €5 which will buy a back pack.

Click on the poster to the left to see suggested items for the back pack and also the drop-off points along the Algarve.