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Algarveans Audition Time!


 Spend your summer in theatre!!



WHEN: June 21 

TIME: 7:00 PM

WHERE: “The Little Theatre”
União Juventude Sesmarias, R. do Cabeço de Pias, Carvoeiro.

Our next production will be Cross Words by Scott Gibson, directed by Jim Landis, to be performed at União Juventude Sesmarias (“The Little Theatre”) in Carvoeiro on September 2, 3 and 4. 

Cross Words is a two-act murder-comedy, with a cast of two male and two female as follows:

TIM – 50’s+, former actor, now his aunt’s caretaker 

FLORA – Tim’s wife, about Tim’s age, or slightly younger. 

CLARISSA – 50’s+, no-nonsense, intimidating woman, an attorney 

EMORY – 20’s to 30’s, young man with some mental challenges. Note: this role could be played by a young woman.

Auditions will take the form of readings from the play.

Rehearsals will begin on July 14 and occur each Tuesday and Thursday at 7pm at the theatre.

SYNOPSIS: Tim and Flora have agreed to take care of his aging aunt in exchange for an inheritance upon her death. They are getting tired of waiting, and fear that the aunt is changing her will. They come up with a plan to accelerate her demise. The plan is “discovered” by the grocery delivery person, which complicates matters. Suddenly the aunt is found dead, and twists and surprises commence, with the biggest surprise saved until the end of the play.

If you are not able to make the audition but would like to be involved either on or off stage, please contact
Jim Landis on +351 911 865 878
or email:

This play will be FUN to put together and perform. We encourage everyone to come to this audition!!! JUNE 21!!!