Wednesday, February 20th2019 at 7:30pm – Bombeiros Firestation, Lagoa

Please come and enjoy The Algarveans’ cheese and wine gathering to share a read-through of A BENCH IN THE SUN.

This play, directed by new member Jim Landis, will open June 27 at a new venue for us, Convento de Sâo José, Lagoa. This is an intimate theatre, seating 95, so we expect all performances to sell out!

A BENCH IN THE SUN is a wonderful comedy about friendship and ageing. Burt and Harold both live in the same retirement home and have known each other for over 40 years. They spend their days bickering about nearly everything. When retired actress Adrienne Bliss moves in and decides to join the duo on their bench in the sun, a heated rivalry develops as the pair vie for Adrienne’s attention.

Part Grumpy Old Men, part The Odd Couple, the script is rich with one-liners, tender moments, musings about the seasons and the sacrifices one makes in life, and reflections on the way the world is changing. Mel Brooks calls the play “Very wise, very moving, but most of all, very funny.”

On Wednesday, February 20 at 7-30pm, we will gather at the Lagoa firestation (Bombeiros Voluntários) – click here to see directions – to read this wonderful script and share some cheese and wine. Those who are interested may then audition for this show on February 25.

Come laugh and share the joy of live theatre as we all start this journey to present A BENCH IN THE SUN.

To help us plan our numbers can you confirm your attendance to Melanie Winstanley at or call her on +351 912 010 865

We hope a good portion of our membership will attend this event as being a member of our group is a much about fellowship as it is about entertaining here on the Algarve.